Pei Ye Tjia, Singapore

"Paulina is the woman that you want on your team, especially when it comes to creating beautiful moments. It comes so naturally to her, and she lives and breathes for opportunities to live life with a little more glam. Her ability to maximize impact - and more importantly, value - is remarkable. She is hyper efficient, and I can always trust that she has done the research and legwork to make the best decision, covering all bases. On top of it all, Paulina is genuine, a pleasure to work with, and always has an abundance of ideas to make events (and life) sparkle that little bit extra." - August 2018

Harry Do, Las Vegas

"I have attended many beautiful weddings in my life, but when I attended Paulina's wedding, I was blown away. Her wedding was so stunning that it felt like royalty. I could tell that Paulina has a meticulous mindset and would think about details I would never consider. The venue, the wedding decor, it was jaw dropping! And even though she did a great job making her wedding a dream, I believe she did an even finer job making sure that we, her guests, truly felt part of her special day. She definitely did a tremendous job in making her wedding an unforgettable experience. I've been telling everyone about her wedding... even my dentist that I only met for the first time!"                     - August 2018

Kevin Chang, New York

"I was fortunate enough to accompany Paulina throughout her dress shopping and fittings.  Through the process, I discovered another side of my friend whom I have known for many years. There's this meticulous, thoughtful, and creative mindset. Not only is she extremely organized, but more importantly, she has the drive to turn her creative thoughts into action. At her wedding, despite being in a big white ballgown, she orchestrated every aspect of every event. As a guest at her wedding, I was able to comfortably enjoy the magic in which she had curated. I shared many hearty laughs and happy tears without worrying what we were doing next. Paulina has event planning in her blood, and I can't wait to have her plan my wedding in the future!" - September 2018

Joanita Titan, New York

"Paulina makes every girl's fairy tale wedding come true. While she makes it look effortless, it is actually because she's so obsessed (in the best way possible!) about creating beautiful events and experiences. No matter if it's a casual birthday dinner, a summer picnic in the park or an intimate wedding, Paulina is always the most enthusiastic about planning every detail from start to end (yes, even the logistics part that we all hate). She is incredibly organized and so very thoughtful about her guests' experience... and she does it with such great style! I only wish that Paulina had started her events planning company sooner because I would have hired her as my wedding planner in a heartbeat!" - September 2018