About Paulina

After planning my own four day wedding in Italy, I've come to face the truth that my calling in life is to throw parties. Epic, sparkling, full of laughter, too much fun parties. Mom, if you're reading this, I promise my four years at Brown wasn't a waste!

I love planning my own events. I love planning other people's events. I love everything from spreadsheets to schedules to seating cards to floral arrangements. Oh yeah, and balloons. The more the merrier. But most of all, I love seeing guests have a good time. It honestly makes every bone in my body happy.

So if you're planning your next event and need a little help to make it the best event ever, I'm your girl. Especially weddings - because don't I know how challenging it can be! If there's one thing I'm excellent at, it's making fairy tales become reality.

 W hat makes you different?

Work with me because I create beautiful events. And I don't mean simply visually beautiful events (because that's a given), I mean heart-warming, all guests walking away high-fiving, everyone's going to be talking about it for months to come beautiful events. It's this unique mix of being excited, being thankful and feeling loved. Yes, flowers and decorations are very important, but what's most important is having an out-of-this-world good time.

And a good time absolutely does not just happen by chance - it is carefully and thoughtfully planned for. It requires a planner that can offer insight into things you haven't even thought about. It requires a planner that's extremely organized and great at communicating. It requires a planner that cares about making your day incredible. I care, I really do, and you can count on me to go above and beyond. I'm different and you should work with me because I'm just as obsessed with your special day as you are.